Metaphorical Thinking Workshop

metaphorical thinkning workshop.jpg

The metaphorical thinking workshop was very helping to start to get us thinking about how you can use metaphors within your imagery to make it have more meaning and depth.  We got put into groups and given an article, ours about poor bears losing weight due to the ice caps melting.


Learning Group Proforma Workshop

I thought todays workshop was very helpful as i got critics off others students which has allowed me to develop my work for my finalised piece. It was nice to get a positive response from everyone, but also good to get constructive criticism. The workshop opened up new ideas and new paths to go down before i get set on one idea. However, i felt like the session could of been condensed from 90 minutes to 30-45 minutes. This would of enabled us to start developing the new ideas quicker when they are fresher in my mind as i ended up taking roughy 20-30 minutes break after the 90minute session.

Found Starbucks as well, so such a successful morning (Y)

Placard Workshop

This Placard workshop was a very fun activity to take part in. It made us think differently about how and what we should say to give our campaign a meaningful start. Thinking about what could of been said to give the reader a better and quick understanding of what we were campaigning for made us thinking differently about what was going to be put onto the placard. We ended up going for a design that would stand out for the rest, giving the audience something to remember as they walked away. Although we did this we still wanted it to be kept quite serious and not give of the wrong impression. We went for the bold, to the point typography of the back to support our ‘comical’ design.

Grids and Hierarchy.

Studying grid formats has given me a better understanding of how graphic designers go about setting out newspapers, magazines, books etc. By doing small sketches of the layers these people used to create a layout the way they have, has changed the way I would think about creating one myself. There is a lot of depth within layout and how the eye reads down the page which I am starting to learn the concept for. I found this to be a hard, but rewarding exercise.

Different Typefaces.

When drawing out different examples of many typefaces it gives you a much better understanding of what you can actually do with typography. This exercise gave me a range of what different typefaces are out there and what these typefaces are used for. Many different brands use a wide range of typefaces depending on what they want to say/do. It was a good, and enjoyed drawing and researching different styles. Without learning about sans and sans serifs before doing this little exercise, it would have been much more difficult and probably confusing.  The lecture for this was key to understanding what had to be done.

Letterpress Workshop

I have never experienced Letterpress before but it is something that took my interest as soon as I understood fully. It is a great way to create small or large pieces of typography. I enjoyed the end result that I have come out with from the workshop. As you can see the results got stronger and much more clear and easy to read when I have practiced it a few times. I was happy with the way the workshop worked as we got plenty of time to get the results we wanted. These are very pleasing results from this particular workshop.