I wanted to give my logo more meaning and show that it can work in many ways. This was because I knew I could make the logo do this by showing some of the work they do within it. I feel like this has worked very well, giving the audience a better sense of what the organisation is about and the things they do. These images draw the attention of the people viewing the textures as they are intrigued by what the image is and what it is about. If the image was in full, without it being shaped into the logo, it wouldn’t give off the same meaning and people would turn a blind eye to it. It is a robust way of getting people interested about the organisation. These can be used in or on any type of advertisement as they work very well on their own and not surrounded by other design.




Final Logo and Touchpoints


This is the layout I have decided to use as my representation of Global Steps. I have chosen to face the arrows point towards each other, showing that the 4 third-party organisations are coming together, creating one volunteering agency.  I think that the logo does represent this and is showing that the organisation is and will continue to move forward. I did a bit of research into colour, and what colours best represent volunteering. I found that white is for purity, pink for love, yellow for brightness and freshness, and green for personal growth. I found that these didn’t work very well together. I took some of these colours forward, having the same meaning for the context of the project but adding in other colours to balance the logo. I think that the blue, yellow red and green work very well together with no colour over powering the logo.   As part of this project, I decided that I would show the clients the brand in context. This lead me on to apply my work to various touchpoints, of my choice, that I thought would be appropriate for this industry. This was a very enjoyable part of the project, seeing the brand that I have created come to life. This pushed me to make everything about the project the way I wanted it as it had the possibility to go live across parts of the world.


One of the touchpoints I chose to represent Global Steps was a carry away bag. This is often given out by volunteering agencies as printed ephemera so people can take something away with them but have an item, like a bag, to keep and refer to. Also, a bag is used in everyday life, and if Global Steps were to produce products like this, it could be used by members of the public. This is advertising the brand. It gets the logo out into cities and communities will start to recognise it. As the logo is 4 bright colours, it really makes the bag stand out from others. This is helped from it having a large logo so it does draw your attention.


Another touchpoint that I thought was appropriate would be a t-shirt. This is something that could be worn in the volunteering activities that these people will be participating in. Not only would people wear them in these activities but as everyday clothes. This would be a great way to advertise the logo. Within this touchpoint, I made the logo contain some texture. I have done this to give the audience a better understand of the kind of work Global Steps will be getting involved in. They would be able to apply their own photography’s to the back ground of the logo. These images speak for themselves. You can gather the message that is being told from these t-shirts very quickly and are easily understood by any age.

Stationary Set


The final touchpoint that I applied my work to was a stationary set. I did this because every company needs one. It is a cheap and easy way to have your logo printed for people to see. These are often given to workers and people who come to visit the organisation. Items like these travel a long way and are seen by many different people. This is again creating reasons for people to visit the organisation and get interested by what they have seen. The more that are printed the more people see the logo. It attracts people from just a small piece of ephemera.




The certificate was a difficult one to design. We were promised more information that needed to be included within it but never got given it. This meant that we had to make one with our own knowledge and effectively guess what needed to be on it. Due to being promised the information and not getting it, I wasn’t able to make an early start in the making process. I don’t particularly like the design that I have done but I have tried to relate it to the style of work I have done. This would give Global Steps a better idea of the kind of certificate I would create for them. With the correct information, this design can be refined and made properly.

4th Logo Development PDF

Within my 4th PDF development file, I was focusing on how I would layout my logo. I knew at this moment in time that this shape was going to represent Global Steps for me but I didn’t know how. I wanted to show that the companies were coming together to make one. I was focusing on creating a sense of hierarchy to give to piece depth. This was tricky to do as my design in many ways. What I was trying to avoid in my logo, was a complicated design. I wanted something that would be instantly recognisable so people who were not part of the organisation, or people who had no volunteering experience would still recognise it. It was key to keep it simple and not tweak the design too much. I decided to face the arrows inwards. This is to show they are all as one, helping each organisation for a better purpose. I chose to use the 4-bright colour. This is because I wanted to show that this kind of volunteering was going to be fun and enjoyable to take part in. It will attract younger people but also people of older ages as it applies for the whole population. This is point when I realised that I had a strong logo that was good representation of the organisations. It was complicated and was satisfying to look at.


3rd Logo Development PDF

After having hit a wall within my designs, I decided to review the work I have done. From doing this I needed to realise what design was strong and what was weak. I came to a decision that using the globe which had layers was just too confusing and that I needed something simple to represent the companies. This made me assess the design which had included steps. If I wanted to communicate their brand to the best of my ability I needed to develop this stage. It was the only design that worked in the context of the project. Realising that this is what I needed to do, I looked at my initial sketches and saw that I could relate this with an arrow. I started to experiment on illustrator, really making my design come to life. I still wanted to use the idea of flow and movement, showing the companies are moving in a direction that is better for everyone involved. Soon realising that this could represent global steps, I started to play around with textures. I gathered this idea from looking through companies and how they have associated their brand to work in different contexts. This could give my work a sense of hierarchy and gave it more depth when visiting the project.


2nd Logo Development PDF

Before meeting with the client, I thought I would develop my digital designs more. From this, I was hoping I would get better feedback allowing me to continue with the development process. I picked, what I thought were my 2 strongest idea. These were the incorporation of the word steps, and the layered idea of the globe. First I explored the idea of steps, using them in the shape of a globe and trying to fit typography within them. I also tried to use perspective.  This was because I wanted the piece to have more depth. I never really enjoyed the process of making the piece and felt like it was always missing something. This caused me to not develop this as much of I should have at this stage of the brief and I focused more into using layers to represent the companies. I explored the use of different shapes and colours trying to show the different companies in the globe. After making a wide variety of these, I was even getting confused about the designs myself. I couldn’t justify the designs to represent the volunteering companies. From these, I was getting more of a feeling the design was for some kids toy or a game. I knew that this wasn’t right and that I should be re-thinking what to do. This is when I knew it was going to be difficult for me to create something new. I hit a wall in the design process, and started to worry about what I was going to show the client.



1st logo development PDF

Following my initial development, I went onto the computer and started to create some logo designs. From doing this I was trying to develop my sketches I had done, and see what my ideas looked as a digital copy. I drew out an arrow, trying to use it in different ways to see how it worked, played around with the idea of the 4 shapes, making layers trying to represent each company. I came up with a new idea too when on the computer. That was to use the word steps in a more visual way. I thought that this could work very well and not create confusion. After creating a PDF file of these first digital designs, I knew I had something that I could show our clients. This would get me a better idea if they liked the process I was going down. Before meeting with our client, I thought I had a strong base to work from, and I knew I would be able to develop these designs into some that was more refined.


Idea Generation

When starting to think what I was going to use as a logo I had a couple of initial ideas. I knew that I was going to use a cliché, something like a globe to represent Global Steps, I would have to make it extremely cliché to give it meaning that would represent who the company are. This is what I thought most of the group were going to use, which could have caused problems making it individual.

My starting process was initial sketches. I decided to start with the idea of using a globe with the words ‘Global Steps’ incorporated within it. I drew out many different possible layouts of this. It gave me a better understanding of what I could be working with, and what layouts might work and what might not. It also gave me an initial understanding of what style of typography I could use. I was focusing on manipulating the global shape to show the title of the volunteering corporations which was one of the requirements that they requested in the first meeting we had with them.


Another idea that I had after having the first client meeting was the use of an arrow. This was to represent the movement within the third-party organisations. I was trying to relate this to volunteering directly as this organisation is always changing and developing. When starting to draw out this idea in many ways, I realised that this piece would contain a lot of flow. This was something that I would be able to develop and use in many ways to show what their company is all about. The arrow could stay away from the idea of using a globe which would avoid the cliché of it. Initially I was drawn to this idea as I think that it would be something different that not many people would think of.


After reading through the brief, I realised that we were making a brand for 4 third-party organisations who were coming together to create one. Working together and using there set of skills to help people across the world. This lead me to think about how I could connect these together and show them within the logo. I thought about the 4-leaf clover. I started to draw 4 shapes coming together to create one. This would be to represent the 4 organisations. I liked this idea as I thought that it could show connectivity within the voluntary sector. This got me thinking deeper into this topic. I re-read my notes from the first client meeting as saw that they gave us a list of skills that the volunteers would gain whilst working with global steps. I tried, with my initial sketches, to see if I could show these skills within the 4 sections I made. This would of gave me design more depth and contain information that is not that easy to gather. From doing this, I was trying to get my logo design to have a sense of hierarchy.


My final initial idea was typography. When researching into the campaigns I came across a hand drawn typography designer. This made me think about how I could represent global steps. If I was going to use typography as the logo, I thought that using hand drawn type would work quite fittingly. It would contain movement with the text, showing what this volunteering organisation does. I gave it a rough go seeing I could create some typography that I would be able to use. My doing this, I was struck by anything that gave me a good representation of their company. I didn’t want to create something without having a good enough reason to explain why I had done it. This is what I thought about after giving the hand drawn typography a go. If I was to use this, I would have to think about incorporating the brand identities of global citizenship and global steps – which is to make progression.