Research – WA South Africa

Wildlands SA

I have seen this recent poaching activity on twitter. It shocked me to see this, even though the number of rhinos poached is reducing. It is hurtful to see that people are still doing this criminal activity, despite the fact the species can become extinct in the near future. There is still a means for communication about this topic, and it is for these images and tweets that makes me want to make a difference, and raise money for organisations to help stop this criminal activity. I have chosen to include this within my research as I feel can be used to communicate the audiences, giving them a better idea of recent criminal activity. It gives a chance for people to realise that this is still happening, and it is still a recurring problem we are seeing throughout Africa and Asia. Not only does it tell the readers that this is still happening, but gives them a better idea of who is making a difference, and is reassurance that people are taking big efforts to help stop poachers, and help protect the endangered species. This tweet alone by Wildlands SA is a good representation of what is happening to the species. The use of social media has given it the publicity that it deserves, getting viewers from all across the world. This is key to making a difference, informing people who are not necessarily involved with rhinos or rhino organisations.


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