Research – International Rhino Foundation

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The International rhino foundation is involved with the rescuing and protection of rhinos globally, to stop the species from becoming extinct in the future. The organisation concentrates on expanding private conservancies where the majority of the rhino population are living. In the interest of keeping the species alive, and away from danger caused by poachers.

The organisation helps for the training of antipoaching patrols; the tracking and monitoring of rhinos; performing annual management projects; continuing the monitoring of the rhinos; treating the rhinos for injuries caused naturally or by poachers, protecting rhinos by transporting rhinos to safer and monitored locations; and working with conservancy partners, local business and schools to build support for the foundation.



This is a quote taken from their website, showing the passion within the organisations to help rhinos and stop the endangerment of the species. It is also the realisation of what is happening within South Africa, India and Indonesia.



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