Dissertation PDP

PDP Constellation Section

Within this dissertation I have experienced change, through the course of my ideas, and development in my work and outcomes. The dissertation itself has developed from the proposal, creating a more in depth creative piece of writing. After having discussions about the chosen dissertation, I have been able to develop my research, giving me the ability to create a good piece of design for the artefact. The artefact itself is another development for my design future. It has been a good development stage, given the opportunity to undergo a graphic design influential piece of work. It links back to my practice, helping me to create further work for my portfolio, developing my design knowledge experience.

My dissertation has come a long way from my original ideas. It has developed through the period of time on the creative piece of work. From the outset, I intended to create of piece of design work that was majorly based around the use of typography, showing how influential this element can be within design, and how it can be used in a persuasive manor. I had chosen this as it is seen by everybody, in everyday life across the world in all cultures and is known to be the most common way of communicating. This is what drew me into to be working with typography. I saw it as an opportunity to use this design in a way that could have the ability to change people’s behaviour, showing how it could be used more frequently throughout the design community. This was the biggest element to my dissertation that changed from the proposal to the outcome. I wanted to continue with the use of typography, but communicate more effectively through other design techniques, such as photography, layouts and balance. This enabled myself to have a development stages, both for the artefact and the creative piece of writing. For the artefact, I was able to get further research into persuasive design and what can become the biggest influences if used effectively and in the correct way. I was able to communicate better to people individually rather than targeting everybody as a whole. By doing this, it enabled me to create a visual experience for the user of the artefact. By connecting with people personally, I was able to have a greater impact on the people I was communicating to. By choosing to focus on this in the artefact, I was able to take my creative writing forward. It created a platform for me to develop my research into the persuasion and communication towards people, gather a better knowledge of how it can change their behaviour.


As I wanted to create something to go along my portfolio, I wanted to give an insight into what graphic design I have taken an interest in. By creating the book experience, I wanted to show off what I have learnt from previous subject and field topics. I have brought in knowledge from a former project I underwent with Ray in field, which was the Publish project. This had helped me to visualise blank space throughout a page and use it to communicate with the audience. It causes the reader to have more time to look at the important statement being made, allowing them to focus of what is being said from the images and typography. I underwent a similar project at level 4, using typography and layouts to communicate in a visual aesthetic way, which is easy to read and understand without any causes of confusion. With these two projects, using layouts and communicate images with text on a page is a regular occurrence in design. It is something I have worked with for a long period of time and I was able to show this off through some of the layouts I provided for the artefact, and for the development stages for the artefact. It was very important to me to try and show this throughout the artefact, as it hasn’t enabled me to develop my work further and learn more from the outcomes. I have gained knowledge from this, but also in creating a design book with the intention of changing people’s behaviour whilst viewing it has given me additional experience in creating for a user. This is the most important element in design to consider as these will be the people who are using the end product. It must communicate and work effectively with the user in order for the work to have an impact and change the users behaviour about the design work.


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