Initial Development

After taking my initial drawings forward, I started to illustrate them. I wanted to keep the users of my work in mind and think through the development stages ‘will this be assessable for the residents?’. It needed to be kept simple and easily understandable so these residents will be happy to use the wayfinding system. I kept my initial idea of using simple traffic light colours to represent the gradients of the surrounding area. I felt that this was easily understandable and relatable to the users of the wayfinding system. When researching people with dementia, I found that using recognisable objects within design can help communicate a message easier. I tried to relate this system to what research I found on dementia.

Untitled-3Simple scale journey

At this point in the project I was still experimenting with what layout I should be using to communicate this kind of message. I had drawn 2 different styles the map indicating gradient of the surrounding area. One was portrait which is a more realistic view on a map, and the other spread out across landscape paper. I wanted to keep using both to see how communicating the message of the gradients of hills in the Gaer community would compare against each other.


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