From my research, I wanted to continue with the idea of using a mapping system that will be assessable for the Gaer community. I wanted to create a mapping system that would be useful for the residents and communicate in a simple and easy way. This led me to thinking about directions and how I could help communicate the area to residents and visitors.

I initial started to draw out my own journey to university, taking 3 different journeys off Google maps – walking, cycling and driving. This gave me 3 different shapes and 3 different journeys. From doing these quick and simple designs, I was able to give myself a better understanding of how simple directional design could look to a viewer.

I started to map out this visually, showing 3 different routes gathering visually interesting results. This led me onto thinking about the community in Newport and how they might approach the journey. Thinking about how it older residents might take the journey on. I thought about safety on the journey, mapping out hills and challenging walkways and alternative routes for weather conditions or quicker arrival time.

My next stages were to communicate more detail within the map and apply it to the Gaer community area. From this point onwards, I had to investigate what would communicate the best to these residents, and what would be the most appropriate source of information. I had many ideas that I could incorporate into these maps, ranging from distances that residents and visitors might need, gradients of hills in the areas and possible points of interests that residents/visitors would want to know about.

I took my drawings into more detail and started to show how I might possibly use them. I experimented with different colours representing gradient, giving the residents a better sense of the environment that is around them. They would be able to get a better knowledge of a particular journey that they were keen it travel. This could also be helpful with people who have dementia. It can be shown as a reminder about the journey and what preference of travel this person may want to take. Another element I wanted to include within this map was using icons to represent areas. This would be to show the residents, and also visitors to the area, an understanding of the area and how they are assess areas within the community. I decided thatI wanted to communicate the most important values to these residents. Some being bus stops, benches, parking areas and any point of interest in the near by area.

From client briefing, I was very interested in the use of something interactive. The clients mentioned to us that they were very keen to create something that could be used by the residents. This made me think about what I had been already creating with the journey maps. I started to think how I could incorporate my work into something that the residents could interact with. I thought about using Arduino and how that could be used within the new community hub. This made me think about how I could possibly change the initial still image maps into moving image. This could then be taken forward and used with Arduino to make something interactive with the residents.





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