Development Stages

Creating these logos led me into communicating them through using this mapping system. I placed them over the lines indicating the path towards a journey, in this case from the new community hub to the Gaer stores. They were spread across the map accordingly to where they were in the area. This was able to tell the residents where about on their journey these points of interest would be. By doing this, I am trying to a sense of belonging within the community. It is giving them security of where they are and a reminder of what the community has to offer.first journey map


I went on to create a simple and more detailing map of the surrounding area. Chessy, my mentor, gave me guidance that I needed to elaborate and focus on giving the residents a sense of belonging. This would make them feel more included when outside out their homes and in the community. It would also give them a better knowledge of the area that surrounds them. Adding more points of interest in the wayfinding system will have the ability to give a better sense of belonging. It can help the elderly residents who don’t not have the best memory and also people who do, but want to find something that is not directly indicated on the map. I had to educate myself of the surrounding area knowing what the residents might want to know and where they could find them. These could be anything from the pub to a particular area of Derwen properties.

From doing this development it become clear to me that to create this sort of style way finding system for the Gaer community,  I needed to proceed with the development of the portrait map would communicate in the most effective way. I decided to develop this further and refine this to work for the community.


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