Creating an inclusive wayfinding system.

“How could creating an inclusive wayfinding system look, and how could it engage and encourage participation amongst residents and visitors?”


The challenge for this project is to create a wayfinding system for Gaer Community. The primary focus of this brief is to promote active ageing and independent living. The target audience is residents aged at 55 and over. The challenge for this project is to create a wayfinding system for Gaer Community.

Within our group we decided to tackle this brief in 4 different ways, all working together collaboratively making the final outcomes have some similarity. However, we each worked on our individual outcomes creating a piece of work worthy of portfolio use. These 4 outcomes all have the ability to work together which creates one big wayfinding system for the new community hub and the Gaer community area.

When having a talk early on in the project with Amanda, we were informed about what to consider when designing for elderly people. Initially I didn’t think there would be many difficult factors that apply to designing for elderly people, however I was informed with information that we had to consider when tackling this brief. I was able to gather a much better understanding of what was needed through this talk as I learnt that 64% of elderly people have a visual impairment, 20% of people over the age of 75 have dementia and that housing is designed for people who are aged between 18-40 which is not ideal for elderly people. There were many factors, like these, that we needed to be considered which challenged me early on in the project. I was forced to think differently about the design process and my initial ideas would need refining to meet their requirements.

The client briefing gave me a much better understanding of who we were going to be designing for. We were able to gather a better sense of who these people were, what kind of people will be using the new facilities and most all, what the client, Derwen, wanted from the active aging programme they were indulging in. From this active aging programme, I took from the client briefing a better understanding of the residents – who they were, what the age boundaries were and what they wanted from the area; a better understanding of the increase of health and wellbeing; more information on how Derwen are benefitting the residents and better sense of the evidence that will impact the quality of life for these residents.




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