Publish Workshop

Within the publish project we had a work shop in the studio. We had the chance to build a magazine cover on a chosen theme with somebody from a different area of the university. We had been given the topic of cycling. This was something that I have a little bit of interest in as I do cycle myself.

Going into the making of the magazine cover, we had to decide on what area of cycling we would like to focus on. At first, we looked in cycling events such as Olympic racing, thinking that we could create the magazine based around this. After doing research and creating some initial designs for the cover, I didn’t really seem too keen ono the idea. It wasn’t what I had imagined and I couldn’t see it working in a design sense. This lead me to take up my own idea, which I have a better knowledge of, which is the topic of fixed gear riding, and the subculture of it. I have a fixed gear bike myself and enjoy riding around on it. I gathered a large interest in it and I felt that I could create a nice cover for a magazine about these bikes. After making this decision I decided to get going with the cover throughout the day, using images that represented the sport. It would be my take on the subculture and I feel about it.





After having the presentation and getting good feedback from ray, I decided to refine the cover and make it more realistic. Adding a better sense of hierarchy and small feature to really make the cover come to life. This worked well and I really enjoy the style of the outcome. It helped that I took a large interest in the topic, making me want to make the piece better and more interesting.


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