Fixed Gear Magazine

Reflection and objective for field, Publish

I chose to create a magazine on the subculture of fixed gear cycling, and the ‘sub-subcultures’ within the sport. This is a project I enjoyed researching and creating the short magazine as I have a big interest in. I photographed my own fixed gear bike in the process, which was something I haven’t used at university before. It was very professional and something that enhanced my photography. I have experienced a lot in the process and development my knowledge of publish magazines. Everything that I have learnt in the past couple of weeks hasn’t reflected on my outcome as it is now. It needs much more development as well as content to make a complete, short magazine about fixed gear riding.

My overall reflection of my personal progress in this topic is very disappointing. I haven’t contributed to this project as much as I have others, and it is something that needs attending to. Using InDesign and creating documents is something that I enjoy doing and putting in time to create so not finishing the project in the allocated time hasn’t made me happy about the project. This is something that is going to change. I want to produce a magazine that I have worked hard on and looks professional. This is my objective to do in the coming weeks.


  • More in-depth research for the content of the magazine
  • Develop photography instead of using an internet picture
  • Add text to the pages taking in to account headings, sub headings and using them to create a good sense of hierarchy.
  • Create a summary of the content of the magazine and add a back page


I have learnt a lot from this field project about different magazine designs, design periods and how layout can be make a magazine/editorial look visually appealing. Also, I have learnt a lot about time management and how I need to develop my own understanding of what deadlines I have and how I can complete the work in advance. This is something that needs to change for the following terms.

TO BE CONTINUED wordpress(1)_Page_1TO BE CONTINUED wordpress(1)_Page_2TO BE CONTINUED wordpress(1)_Page_3




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