1 Week Project – Processing Information

I decided to choose to take part in significance of information as part as my second field option. This was because I knew from reading about the subject before that it was going to involve graphic design and it would help me develop my skills, and give me experience in processing information. This is something that I had never done before and I was looking forward to the start of the projects. This field project was all about processing information in a visual way to make it easier for a reader to understand. I was going to have to use my skills I have developed in my time at Cardiff Met within graphics to do this.

We were set a small project at the start of the brief to get us more involved in the way significance of information worked. We were split into small groups and told to record a series of information around the university. Our objective was to show this is a visual way that people could understand. It was our own choice in what we were to record and how we were to show it in the presentation. My group decided to record statistics about what people were wearing in different areas of the university. This included; hair colour; glasses colour; glasses style; shoe style and colour; trouser colours; top colours and if they were male or female. We did this for 3 different areas in the uni and we allocated an area to each person. From this point on wards we had to process this information.


I found this a difficult exercise to do. I had no experience in this design work and I knew I was going to have to undertake a lot of research to give me a better understanding of how it worked. I found some good examples of information processed in a visual way. This really helped me in the making of my own diagram. From my research, I really liked the way that information design could be shown in so many ways. I liked the designs in the shape of a circle. I think they processed the information very well and got your attention straight away. This made you intrigued by it and made you focus on the whole design. I have included a few designs that I looked at when research into the topic. Also, I have included a design that I think works quite well but I don’t like it very much. I wanted to include this because I want to show the variety of ideas we can work with. I am not too keen about how complicated the design is. I think that this information could have been said in a much stronger way that just repeating an image. This to me is over powering and distracts me from looking further into the design.

As this was my first ever go at this line of work, I was quite pleased with the outcome. I think that I have shown a good visual representation of what people were wearing throughout the University. I had to find a way to represent this information. This meant I had to come up with percentages from what we had recorded. I did this on the colours of what people were wearing, with each block of colour representing a person. You can see the differences in the different areas of the uni, and gives you a better understanding of this information than looking at a chart of the information we recorded. There are areas for improvement within this design. I would label it better so when you have your first look you would get a better understanding of what each colour represents, and divide the sections up more. This would give the eye more space to process the information instead of it all jumping out at once.

Finished Infomation design.jpg



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