Idea Generation

When starting to think what I was going to use as a logo I had a couple of initial ideas. I knew that I was going to use a cliché, something like a globe to represent Global Steps, I would have to make it extremely cliché to give it meaning that would represent who the company are. This is what I thought most of the group were going to use, which could have caused problems making it individual.

My starting process was initial sketches. I decided to start with the idea of using a globe with the words ‘Global Steps’ incorporated within it. I drew out many different possible layouts of this. It gave me a better understanding of what I could be working with, and what layouts might work and what might not. It also gave me an initial understanding of what style of typography I could use. I was focusing on manipulating the global shape to show the title of the volunteering corporations which was one of the requirements that they requested in the first meeting we had with them.


Another idea that I had after having the first client meeting was the use of an arrow. This was to represent the movement within the third-party organisations. I was trying to relate this to volunteering directly as this organisation is always changing and developing. When starting to draw out this idea in many ways, I realised that this piece would contain a lot of flow. This was something that I would be able to develop and use in many ways to show what their company is all about. The arrow could stay away from the idea of using a globe which would avoid the cliché of it. Initially I was drawn to this idea as I think that it would be something different that not many people would think of.


After reading through the brief, I realised that we were making a brand for 4 third-party organisations who were coming together to create one. Working together and using there set of skills to help people across the world. This lead me to think about how I could connect these together and show them within the logo. I thought about the 4-leaf clover. I started to draw 4 shapes coming together to create one. This would be to represent the 4 organisations. I liked this idea as I thought that it could show connectivity within the voluntary sector. This got me thinking deeper into this topic. I re-read my notes from the first client meeting as saw that they gave us a list of skills that the volunteers would gain whilst working with global steps. I tried, with my initial sketches, to see if I could show these skills within the 4 sections I made. This would of gave me design more depth and contain information that is not that easy to gather. From doing this, I was trying to get my logo design to have a sense of hierarchy.


My final initial idea was typography. When researching into the campaigns I came across a hand drawn typography designer. This made me think about how I could represent global steps. If I was going to use typography as the logo, I thought that using hand drawn type would work quite fittingly. It would contain movement with the text, showing what this volunteering organisation does. I gave it a rough go seeing I could create some typography that I would be able to use. My doing this, I was struck by anything that gave me a good representation of their company. I didn’t want to create something without having a good enough reason to explain why I had done it. This is what I thought about after giving the hand drawn typography a go. If I was to use this, I would have to think about incorporating the brand identities of global citizenship and global steps – which is to make progression.



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