Final Logo and Touchpoints


This is the layout I have decided to use as my representation of Global Steps. I have chosen to face the arrows point towards each other, showing that the 4 third-party organisations are coming together, creating one volunteering agency.  I think that the logo does represent this and is showing that the organisation is and will continue to move forward. I did a bit of research into colour, and what colours best represent volunteering. I found that white is for purity, pink for love, yellow for brightness and freshness, and green for personal growth. I found that these didn’t work very well together. I took some of these colours forward, having the same meaning for the context of the project but adding in other colours to balance the logo. I think that the blue, yellow red and green work very well together with no colour over powering the logo.   As part of this project, I decided that I would show the clients the brand in context. This lead me on to apply my work to various touchpoints, of my choice, that I thought would be appropriate for this industry. This was a very enjoyable part of the project, seeing the brand that I have created come to life. This pushed me to make everything about the project the way I wanted it as it had the possibility to go live across parts of the world.


One of the touchpoints I chose to represent Global Steps was a carry away bag. This is often given out by volunteering agencies as printed ephemera so people can take something away with them but have an item, like a bag, to keep and refer to. Also, a bag is used in everyday life, and if Global Steps were to produce products like this, it could be used by members of the public. This is advertising the brand. It gets the logo out into cities and communities will start to recognise it. As the logo is 4 bright colours, it really makes the bag stand out from others. This is helped from it having a large logo so it does draw your attention.


Another touchpoint that I thought was appropriate would be a t-shirt. This is something that could be worn in the volunteering activities that these people will be participating in. Not only would people wear them in these activities but as everyday clothes. This would be a great way to advertise the logo. Within this touchpoint, I made the logo contain some texture. I have done this to give the audience a better understand of the kind of work Global Steps will be getting involved in. They would be able to apply their own photography’s to the back ground of the logo. These images speak for themselves. You can gather the message that is being told from these t-shirts very quickly and are easily understood by any age.

Stationary Set


The final touchpoint that I applied my work to was a stationary set. I did this because every company needs one. It is a cheap and easy way to have your logo printed for people to see. These are often given to workers and people who come to visit the organisation. Items like these travel a long way and are seen by many different people. This is again creating reasons for people to visit the organisation and get interested by what they have seen. The more that are printed the more people see the logo. It attracts people from just a small piece of ephemera.




The certificate was a difficult one to design. We were promised more information that needed to be included within it but never got given it. This meant that we had to make one with our own knowledge and effectively guess what needed to be on it. Due to being promised the information and not getting it, I wasn’t able to make an early start in the making process. I don’t particularly like the design that I have done but I have tried to relate it to the style of work I have done. This would give Global Steps a better idea of the kind of certificate I would create for them. With the correct information, this design can be refined and made properly.


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