4th Logo Development PDF

Within my 4th PDF development file, I was focusing on how I would layout my logo. I knew at this moment in time that this shape was going to represent Global Steps for me but I didn’t know how. I wanted to show that the companies were coming together to make one. I was focusing on creating a sense of hierarchy to give to piece depth. This was tricky to do as my design in many ways. What I was trying to avoid in my logo, was a complicated design. I wanted something that would be instantly recognisable so people who were not part of the organisation, or people who had no volunteering experience would still recognise it. It was key to keep it simple and not tweak the design too much. I decided to face the arrows inwards. This is to show they are all as one, helping each organisation for a better purpose. I chose to use the 4-bright colour. This is because I wanted to show that this kind of volunteering was going to be fun and enjoyable to take part in. It will attract younger people but also people of older ages as it applies for the whole population. This is point when I realised that I had a strong logo that was good representation of the organisations. It was complicated and was satisfying to look at.



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