3rd Logo Development PDF

After having hit a wall within my designs, I decided to review the work I have done. From doing this I needed to realise what design was strong and what was weak. I came to a decision that using the globe which had layers was just too confusing and that I needed something simple to represent the companies. This made me assess the design which had included steps. If I wanted to communicate their brand to the best of my ability I needed to develop this stage. It was the only design that worked in the context of the project. Realising that this is what I needed to do, I looked at my initial sketches and saw that I could relate this with an arrow. I started to experiment on illustrator, really making my design come to life. I still wanted to use the idea of flow and movement, showing the companies are moving in a direction that is better for everyone involved. Soon realising that this could represent global steps, I started to play around with textures. I gathered this idea from looking through companies and how they have associated their brand to work in different contexts. This could give my work a sense of hierarchy and gave it more depth when visiting the project.



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