2nd Logo Development PDF

Before meeting with the client, I thought I would develop my digital designs more. From this, I was hoping I would get better feedback allowing me to continue with the development process. I picked, what I thought were my 2 strongest idea. These were the incorporation of the word steps, and the layered idea of the globe. First I explored the idea of steps, using them in the shape of a globe and trying to fit typography within them. I also tried to use perspective.  This was because I wanted the piece to have more depth. I never really enjoyed the process of making the piece and felt like it was always missing something. This caused me to not develop this as much of I should have at this stage of the brief and I focused more into using layers to represent the companies. I explored the use of different shapes and colours trying to show the different companies in the globe. After making a wide variety of these, I was even getting confused about the designs myself. I couldn’t justify the designs to represent the volunteering companies. From these, I was getting more of a feeling the design was for some kids toy or a game. I knew that this wasn’t right and that I should be re-thinking what to do. This is when I knew it was going to be difficult for me to create something new. I hit a wall in the design process, and started to worry about what I was going to show the client.




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