1st logo development PDF

Following my initial development, I went onto the computer and started to create some logo designs. From doing this I was trying to develop my sketches I had done, and see what my ideas looked as a digital copy. I drew out an arrow, trying to use it in different ways to see how it worked, played around with the idea of the 4 shapes, making layers trying to represent each company. I came up with a new idea too when on the computer. That was to use the word steps in a more visual way. I thought that this could work very well and not create confusion. After creating a PDF file of these first digital designs, I knew I had something that I could show our clients. This would get me a better idea if they liked the process I was going down. Before meeting with our client, I thought I had a strong base to work from, and I knew I would be able to develop these designs into some that was more refined.



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