Design Inspiration

Before meeting with our clients for the first time, I underwent some artist research. I have chosen a select few to include on my blog of artist styles and work that I liked, and that I could possibly relate to the brief. I have chosen these artists as I feel like I can use some of the styles and techniques that they have included in their work. This was before I had started to think about what my logo design would look like. I was trying to keep an open mind to different styles of work that have a good sense of hierarchy and included some sort of meaning to do with their designs.



Lyric Hammersmith

I have chosen to include some hand lettering within this research. I like the sense of movement within the work and could be very appropriate for the project. It does not jump and shout at you on the page but it very attractive and invites you to see more. This could be a good technique to use to get more people involved with the organisation Global Steps, giving the impression that is it friendly and enjoyable to get involved in.


Steven Wilson

Steven Wilson is an artist who use a great sense of movement and colour within his work. After seeing his work i immediately thought about my brief. This was because volunteering is seen to fun and enjoyable. This can become a great reflection of what Global Steps could be doing. It will attract the attention of young and older people which could get a much wider variety involved with the project.


The Uniform Studio

I have chosen to include this as it think it is a really clean piece of design. I doesn’t jump at you like some of the other design work i have chosen to include but could relate to my brief. This could reflect what the organisations do and how they come across their work.


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