Client Meetings

The client meetings for me were probably the most useful feedback I got for the project. We had a series of meetings before the end of the project with everyone having its benefits. The first meeting we had was with all the clients on the brief. There was a couple of people from each organisation. This is extremely helpful for us as it gave use a wider and non-bias opinion from each company. I was thrilled when the meeting started as every organisation wanted a different logo, and they were disputing amongst themselves. It gave us a lot to think about, trying to take away key points and ideas that they put forward to us. This gave us a very realistic view of what working with a client was going to be like.

From the first meeting, I tried to take away as much important information as possible. I wanted to find out more about each company, find out more about what the kind of work they do and how they do it. This gave me a much better understand of the organisations themselves which is better than reading about the projects that they have taken part in. I gathered lots of information about the skills that people would gain whilst helping with volunteering, about what information and format they would like the certificate to be, and what essentials they wanted in the logo. I gained lots of notes and I had a strong starting base for the project. I knew from the start of the meeting that this was going to be our only time where we would get to speak to all the clients as they would be returning to their home countries so it was an extremely important meeting to get a better knowledge of themselves and what they wanted from us.

The second and third meetings we had were only with the WCIA who were based in Wales, Cardiff. These were to gather feedback on the ideas we had and the work we had already produced. Our work was send over to the clients out the country and they would email with their feedback about the designs. This was to keep them up dated with what we have done and gave us the chance to answer any un-answered questions. I got a lot of information about what not to include on the logo and what they would like to see within our designs. It was always helpful and positive feedback of how the designs could improve.


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