Brands with Movement – Research

To get a better idea of what I could do for my logo design, I decided to look at brands which showed some kind of movement. In first client meeting, the world ‘movement’ stood out for me, and it was a good starting point for the project. I looked at how different techniques are used to indicate movement, and how I could possibly use these techniques to create my logo design. I found that there are lots of ways to create movement, but to come up with a design that shows this, but is simply and tells the story is going to much harder than I originally thought. A lot of brands that have shown movement within their logos are not to the simplest form that they can be. This is going to be a big factor in my work as I need to show this concept, but keep it simple and clean which is what the client has asked for.

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I looked at Nike, and some of their campaigns because this is a brand that is designed extremely well, shows movement within their logo but it’s very simple and can be recognised anywhere. This is what the WCIA have set us to do, recreate a brand that will stand out but not to be over powering. I have taken a lot away from the campaigns I looked and hopefully it should show within the work I will make.



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