Our Clients – Our Brief

When receiving the information of what we going to do for this project I was quite excited. It was a great chance to experience working with a client in a realistic way. It was something that I have never done before and was going to be a new experience for me. I received a project called Global Steps. The purpose pf the project is to develop an app that will help people take part in international and peace related volunteering. We have been asked to create a logo for this new company coming into the world. This would involve creating a brand that the population can recognise not to the people who are involved with the volunteering agencies. We will be working with 4 third-party organisations from across Europe. This included Cap Solidarities from France; 11.11.11 from Belgium; NCDO from Holland and the WCIA from Wales. It is going to be difficult working with so many clients as we are expecting to get different views and opinions from each organisation.

A third-party organisation is a non-profit organisation and is not funded by the government. These organisations include voluntary and community organisations which are registered charities working to help the needs of people on a global scale.


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