Dissertation Review

Dissertation Proposal Review


From undergoing my dissertation proposal, I have started to take a keen interest in the topic. It is something within design that I do have a passion about, which makes me eager about the coming project. I am keen to develop my research and make it more in depth and give myself a better knowledge about it before undergoing the actual project.

Persuasive typography has always struck me as something that always gets to your attention and can stand out it the most powerful of ways. I think that it is a very strong element in design and I want to have to opportunity to do this in a compelling way and to possibly use in the future for my portfolio. It will be able to reflect the interests of me as a designer going into the final year of university.


Leading up to the essay, I saw several persuasive design techniques on social media, advertising stopping smoking and driving awareness images. This is what made me realise I could do my essay on, and create my own artefact. These images that I saw really captured what they were telling you, and instantly made an impact into what you were feeling. I liked the idea of design that can influence you in what you are doing just from looking at a single image. I wanted to take this and use it within typography, and how my typography can construct the same outcome.

Whilst writing the dissertation proposal is when I became most enthusiastic about the subject as I started to become excited about the possible outcomes. I soon realised that I will be needing to start more research and starting development for the artefact. This will allow me to start my project in the coming summer. I have also realised from ‘re-reading’ my essay, my research does need to be developed. I have decided I need to look at concept deigns and look at the way the use techniques and methods for the persuasive outcomes that occur. This will educate myself, and giving me a better idea of what design campaigns have already been done by other designers so I don’t copyright any bodies work.


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