Significance of Information Review

Significance of information was a topic that I thought would suit the style of work that I create, making it a topic that I was excited to start. I have never studied this topic before, and this was going to be a good indication if I was going to enjoy the 5 weeks we had.

The first 2 weeks of field were more experimental, getting to understand the subject better. This was helpful as we got to practice putting information in a visual way, that can be easily understood. I enjoyed practicing this as it gave me visual ideas that I was later able to us within my practice. From doing research into this topic area, I found that a lot of visual ideas have already been created, and designing something new was going to be a challenge. This was an enjoyable part of the subject as I got a better visual understanding of what was already out there within the industry, but also gave me ideas of what could be done that hasn’t been done before.

For me, significance of information was all about overcoming problems within your collected data and coming up with a sensible method that would be able to show this body of work visually. Doing the workshops within the 5 weeks gave me a better insight into what this subject is about and what you can do within it. The first workshop, symbol making, was a nice way to see how you can tell people important information confined within a simple image. It got you thinking about what needed to be included to make the reader understand it clearly, and what didn’t need to go in the symbol as it could over complicated things, therefore giving off the wrong meaning. This workshop opened me up too many styles of working. This is replacing words and paragraphs with visual images which people would find easier and more pleasing to read. It is a good skill to have as it allows you to be able to use visual story telling within my graphic work.

For the outcome, I decided to do the collaborative project with Anthony. At first it seemed like a great opportunity to get out work out there, into the industry for people to see. After having a talk with Angie Dutton, the project seemed to have been thought about and was too be taken very seriously. To me, this was a great opportunity to be working with a client again which is a more realistic view of what the future may hold after university. The project was to show what goes on in Cardiff Met Uni using information design to show this. This included areas in the university such as the Fab Lab and PEL which not everyone knows about. It was our job to get people interested in these areas and give them better knowledge of what they are. As the project went on, we were struggling to get a good understanding of everything as there wasn’t much important information to use from the ‘brief’ they gave us. This meant that we needed to visit these areas and get a knowledge of them. This is easier said than done because of the subject areas weren’t to be found as they are they were not areas within the university that students can visit, but areas in which staff work. It was extremely difficult to find these areas as we never had any guidance to where they were. As time went on the project started to get harder and harder as some information that we were promised we never received and were given minimal information to start designing for. This delayed us on starting the design of the project which put us in the back seat. From this happening, we decided to take the project into our own hands and create which the information we had and could find.

Even though I was happy with the outcome/proposal that we created within the 3-week period, I was not happy overall with the project. This could have been thought through a lot more, with more information passed over to the designers to give them a better insight into what they are getting their selves in for. If this was done properly do a high standard, which is what both me and Anthony were expecting from a university driven project, then the outcome of the project would probably have had a lot more meaning and would have more information for people to take away from it. I was disappointed in the aspect because it set us back in the project and (in my opinion) we haven’t designed it with much justice. What needed to be done in advance to going live with the project, was to have a clear idea of what you wanted and a written brief so the designers could gather a better knowledge. Without this, is lead to us guessing in areas which should not be done with a live brief.


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