Web Banner Development

Originally I thought that creating a web banner would be reasonably simple. Reading into the subject, I realised that it would not be that way. I found that a web banner should work for many different sizes and shapes with the same content. After doing much research into different sizes of web banners, I tried to get my medium to work in every web banner size. This meant that I need a good sense of hierarchy. Again, I started to sketch simple ideas on paper, giving me a range of ideas to work from.

As I brought my work on the computer, I soon realised that the content I had was not going to work in the way I wanted it too. Also, I found out that I needed some sort of constant imagery that buyers could recognise the company from. This would stay the same for most web banners, and only change when it was appropriate. This led me on to use the ‘4 colours’ that I have mentioned before. From working on the web banners and business cards, I decided that this would be the base of the company. Something that the public will realise belongs to Wild & Co Homes. This made my life designing my touchpoints a lot easier and look much better.

-Final Outcomes-

These are the final outcomes of my web banners. I tried to keep the same content and the same colour flow. This had to change depending on the size of the banners. I had to tweak the shapes of the colour system to fit each banner. This was my biggest challenge as I want a constant through-out my touchpoints. Overall, I think the web banners work with the whole brand identity. They reflect what the company is about, and still show the colours that I wanted, but in a slightly different way. This makes the project not seem the same through-out, but changes its, giving the overall project a nice sense of hierarchy.


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