Van Vinyl

Creating a van template was something that I have never done before. I started off by making a rough design with the information that I thought was the most important and that needed to be on the van as advertisement. This included some of the brand values, the brand identity (the logo and typography of the brand name) and what the company is about. The biggest challenge was placing this information in the most creative way possible, trying to keep in mind that if the van had a good sense of hierarchy, people are more likely to read it and acknowledge it. Whilst knowing that I had to create a van template, I tried to look at van designs around Cardiff when I was walking around. What I found was a recurring factor was contact details. This is essential if a buyer wants to get in touch. I noted this down and made sure I added it into my design.

First mock up.png

For this van template, I download it off This helped me a lot because when I first read the brief I received, I did not have a clue on where to start. With this download It made my life easily, and only meant that I had to place my work in the correct positions which, when saved, would be shown on my van template. It was a new experience for me and made me realise that hierarchy in the subject area is extremely important to making a good design.

Final Outcome Van.jpg


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