Uniforms were fairly straight forward for my company. I wanted to keep them simple to reflect my previous work but make sure they reflected my brand values. With the logo, I created I was very cautious about what base colour I would use on the clothes. After thought, I decided to go with white. This meant that it would not take away any focus from the brand, and the company name and you can focus on the small design on the tops.

With my work uniforms designed, I went back to the brief and picked out that he company, Wild & Co Homes would hold local charity events. I took this into consideration and decided to create an extra uniform for these events. With this I went for more of a laid-back approach choosing to use a t-shirt instead of a polo-shirt. I added contrast and went for a black t-shirt with a much bigger logo’s. This was because in a larger crowd of people it may be hard for these tops to stand out. After all at these charity events you want your staff to be noticed, which is why I increased the logo size and also added them onto the back of the tops.


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