Business Cards/ Stationary Set

For my business card’s I did some initial research to make sure I wouldn’t be designing them incorrectly. I am quite glad about this because I never knew the actual sizes of business cards, or what could be included in a full stationary set. I watched a short video on which told me the correct measurements, the correct bleed and the needed border on the cards. There was a lot of information that must be included on the card from your company name to the function of the job. My original thought was this is not going to look visually pleasing. From here I knew that the cards would have to be well designed and attractive.

-Front of business cards-

-Back of business cards-

I saw the business cards to be an important part of branding this company. It is the one piece of design work that you will give to a customer, and they will take it home. It is the one piece of recognisable design from your home that would be printed and in front of you.

I wanted to keep one side of the card with all the information on, having a good design with a good sense of hierarchy. The other side, which I perceived to be the back, was there to be kept simple, something that customers would know you from. From doing these on the computer, I realised that I would need a constant that would go through the whole project. I liked the way these 4 colours worked together and that I would need to explore them more.


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