4 Colour System

Throughout my project, I constantly thought that I need some sort of hierarchy that would stabilise my designs. I wanted to keep this as a constant flow in my work. This would not only give the design aspects hierarchy but something for customers to recognise the company from. Wild & Co Homes would embrace this and use it thorough-out the advertisement campaign. It represents the green house building company, and tries to give the message that it is connected to nature. Again, this is something that needed to reflect on my brand values. It needed to be professional and simple. The ‘4 colours’ are in matter of fact 1 pantone colour. I have chosen to use 4 different shades. This was to reduce the printing costs in the future. I was keen to try and stick to this as in a professional industry, it would save a lot of money. This overall colour system worked for the project. It did enhance the work I created in the web banners and stationary set, but also in the overall look of the company. Now, instead of it being recognised as ‘connected to nature’, which is what I thought for a good couple of months whilst designing the company, it can now be seen through these colours. As the company expands and becomes more well-known is where this colour system can enhance the company in a design aspect.


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