Final Logo-Development

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 16.56.31.png

My final logo came from me messing around on illustrator, trying to be creative and stick to my brand values. I thought that these designs could contain lots of visual hierarchy that people will become attracted towards. This lend me into more development into this idea.

To get to this point, I started off by doing small sketches with the idea of keeping it to the minimal but reflecting my brand values. I wanted something in the logo design that would show nature, and possible thoughts about how we try to preserve the environment instead of harming it when building new homes. I took the brand value of connected to nature, and tried to establish the logo to be connected. I wanted the outcome to be simple, and joined together which would express this value. I came across several problems and challenges when doing this. I found it hard to create a symbol of a tree that would be able to become part of this thought process. Thought-out this process, I found the tree over powering the overall design of the house which I perceived to be the main focal point of the project. To overcome this problem, I ended up using the stem of the tree, without trying too hard to make it look realistic. By keeping it the way I have, you focus on the house design and the name of the company, but also get the point that we try to stay connected to nature. After this was decided that this would me my final design, I felt like the logo needed more structure. This is where the underlines came into play. Trying to give the logo a better sense of hierarchy, which would create a more pleasing design. I experimented with many different techniques, from using a swoosh to having a straight line to enhance the logo.

Logo (3).jpgThrough the project I kept changing the possible colours that I would use for the outcome. This was due to printing costs, from printing several pantone colours, and that I wanted to select a colour what would not portray the wrong message or brand values. This lend me to only use one pantone colour, but use many different density levels of this colour. This gave me a range of what appear to be different colours but are the same pantone shade. This reduces printing costs but still looks professional which is what I wanted it to be.

export logo.jpg


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