Research and Development-Logo

From looking at my brand values I took the word simple and instantly thought of my logo and how that should reflect that word. I looked at symbols and how I could create one that reflected my company. I tried to look at words, and words that could be found within them. This idea came from the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, where she had used different advertisement on here logo to showcase her campaign.

This was something that inspired me and gave me new ideas for the project. I considered yarn bombing (yarn bombing) which are knitted patches around trees, seen to be an art form. From this, I thought that I could use is it within the advertisement campaign, showing the protection of nature. Once I had decided on a final idea I tried to take this idea and make it my own. Using my research and previous sketches, I tried to make the logo represent the company in the professional way I wanted. Having it contain the correct messages I wanted.


I am showing here how i have interpreted Hillary Clintons campaign into my own, coming up with rough ideas of possible outcomes for this logo design.


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