Being the Client.

Week 1 of level 5 was a very different approach to starting a project – something I have never participated in before. Being the client side of the design brief was very helpful in the way that you get to control what you want your new brand to be. This gave me an insight of what a client could possible be like in the future, and the standards that a designer has to keep up with. It was good to gather an understanding of the all the elements it takes to create a brand, which isn’t just creating a logo but creating a product with an identity.

Whilst being the client, you have to make sure that you’re brand is thought through and has enough information in enclosed documents to ensure that when you have a meeting with the designer, they have enough information to design you your brand identity. The designer will only be able to design on the information the client has given, which is why the more information the design receives the easier it’ll be to create the brand you want.

Whilst being the client we had to create a design brief which contained the most information for the designer, stating facts, figures and the background info for the company. This is what i thought was going to be the most important information that I could give to the designer. I thought that if this wasn’t done properly, the brand that I was visualising wouldn’t be designed the way I would want it too. We also had to come up with brand values, a company name with background info about the company, along with a persona for the designer which would inform them about the target audience.

I enjoyed being the client for a week. It gave me a better understanding of what a client might actually want in the future and the sort of information i am going to need to create this new brand for the market Also, having this experience of being the client, i now understand the stages of creating a new brand and what needs to be done in preparation being you can start the designing stage.

Roots – Landscaping and Gardening Company






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