Future of Design

Presentation  Brief (dragged) 2000.jpg

Presentation  Brief (dragged)

The first things first manifesto was a realisation that design does not have to follow certain rules. Design could be anything that the design wanted it to be, from advertising to branding. This manifesto made me realise that design needed to be explored in ways that haven’t been done before, and change must happen in a possible way. I still think this is true looking into the future of design. This was the basics of my research as i was able to see that this is a strong starting point for creating a poster about possible manifestos for the future of design.

Design for good manifesto.

I looked at a wide range of manifesto when we were given the brief. I looked at as many possible manifestos about possible topics that I might want to look into further. I was able to get a better understanding of what i could do and how i could portray that meaning to an audience.

Design Observer

Manifesto for Sustainability Design

Manifesto for Democracy and Sustainability


Future Design Manifesto 


Shapes, Patterns, Textures

Following my research, I started to draw, and play around with different ideas that  my research inspired me to do. I looked into the word connect with came into play as it is an appropriate synonym of transform. I looked at what the definition was, how the word could be used with design and future and the word could be developed.  This started to develop more ideas leading into geometric shapes, continuity and structure. With all of this I wanted to keep the idea of futurism, and come up with possible imagery that would show design from a different aspect.

I went on to use any old pieces of equipment to see what i could find to create texture, patterns and shapes. This ranged from a scrabble piece, cardboard, the end of a lighter and the bottom of a cup. To create these development pieces I used inks and paint which all give intriguing results.

Aspire definition : Direct ones hope or ambition towards achieving something.

Aspire was a very important word for me to analysis during this project. If i was going to portray the message correctly, I was going to have to go into detail about the word aspire, in order for people to follow a possible manifesto.

What I found most interesting about these pieces was the repeated pattern and how shapes made new, irregular shapes. From the different weights of the paint showed depth in the images, which i  were able to be taken to the computer and worked on in more detail.

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Squares background


I started to look at typography after I explored patterns and shapes. I started off by thinking that I wanted to create something that gave an impact to it when the audience read it.

To start, I wanted to be using large paper (A1) as this meant that I could be as experimental as I wanted to be. I thought that this was a key element in me designing this. I would be able to take ideas away from these piece of work. What I focused on was the texture, and mark making because i thought that this would be a good way for me to read back to my quote that I chose to use. What I really liked was how the paint spread out within the letters, all doing it differently with the different pieces of equipment. Also i wanted the audience to realise what design is, and how its changing in time. I thought this is a strong starting point for the type of typography i was after. This lead me to do more to see what i could produce in a quick fashion and in a small space of time too see if it would add even more effect.

After assessing the larger typography sheets I did, i went onto smaller paper (A3) and played around with more typography. This time i intentionally looked at the weights of the ink and paint that was going onto the page. I tried to highlight words within the paper, and also push words out. These are 3 very different pieces of work even though they say the same thing, that give you 3 different message. At this point i had to be very careful not to give the wrong message across and make sure i was saying the correct thing.

To create all these experimental pieces of work i used a mixture of Indian ink, acrylic and a permanent marker.

Screen Shot starting .png

Moving back to imagery, i went onto illustrator and started to play around with shapes. I moved away from circles and squares and went for a shape that is slightly more complex. I wanted to keep the repetitiveness as I focused it to be the main eye catching point of the poster. Also, i got the sense that a transformation was occurring due to the amount of layers within the piece. I didn’t want to fall into the trap of “tweaking design” as it says in the quote i chose. This was hard as i wanted to create something that is not seen everyday and can be taken into peoples own perspective. With these ideas in mind, i needed to refine the elements within the piece i had produced. This meant that measurements were correct and everything lined up in a appealing way.

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Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 18.01.38.png

This was the imagery development stage, focusing on making the shape withe the correct measurements, making sure it was symmetrical.

FINISHED imagery.jpg

“Graphic design is constant changing world where new ideas are always developing and aspiring from previous work. The future of design is constantly tweaking, but for design to have an ‘new’ impact on the world, a transformation must develop.

Every designer wants to make an impact of the world using their skills to change the look of design in the 21st century. It is very important for the younger age group of designers to develop a new style of work and to transform graphic design. As designers we don’t know what the future work we develop is going to look like, but to have a bigger impact on people, and to get them to do what you are trying to say there must become change. Change to get interest back into people when they are observing the design that we create.”



final finished.jpg



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