Constellation was an experience i have never done before, learning about 2 completely new subjects that i knew very little about. For the essay i chose to wrote about the topic ‘smells like teen spirit’. This was very interesting learning about different subcultures that i never knew even excited. It was nice to learn about these topics and get a better understand of how fashion has developed and how people follow subcultures to improved their own personal look.

Constellation helped me a little with my own subject area graphic communication. It helped me in the research aspect. I have said this because when i was researching for my chosen essay, i was struggling very much as i didn’t really have any knowledge of the topics. by doing the research taught me that you cannot to go straight into designing a project, you need to sit down and learn about what you are going to do to make the best possible outcome. This is what i regret about writing the essay for constellation, the amount of time i put into researching. Yes i did do my own research, but it was probably not as in depth as it should of been. Most of my research was done on the computer, whereas i would of learnt more by studying printed books wrote about the topic i chose to write about.

Within constellation, smells like teen spirit, i was pretty cautious about going to the lectures and studying the topic. This was because i got into my head that i wouldn’t like the lectures and i would have no interest in the topic i chose to do. Constellation proved me completely wrong which i was actually really pleased about. After attending a few lessons, i started to get into the subject area, learning about past fashion trends and how they have influenced today fashion sense. As i learnt more, i came to the realisation that all of todays have been developed from past trends, which i found really interesting. I would never of even thought about this if it wasn’t for constellation.

Looking back on the lectures i attended i learnt quite a lot and it got me drawn into the subcultures. Shortly after the essay was handed in i decided to go home to see my parents and friends. I got talking to my dad who used to be your typical punk rocker in the 70’s. Talking to him about the topic, and what i wrote about, made me realised that i have probably missed quite a lot of important information. I learnt so much by taking to him which caused me to get into the topic even more, was just a shame it was too late to add to the essay. If i could, i would of had lots more to write about, and i would of been able to go into much more detail about everything i learnt. Again, i look back to when we were studying the topic and i get annoyed at myself for not putting in 100%.

Some off the subcultures that i could of wrote about i also found very appealing, and that i could of wrote about them. I was going to write about hipsters as i can kind of relate to the way they dress and what they wear. I chose not to go down that route because i wanted to broaden my knowledge of what fashion is and how people have taken the trend into their own. This is what i found the most interesting about smells like teen spirit. Within all the subcultures we studied, every fashion group had added jewellery in a certain way that made them individual. I found this one of the most interesting parts of constellation, as the public know why they have to done this to there look but there are meanings behind look, of dominance and control.

Thought out the year i look back on constellation and kind of regret my whole experience of it. I went into the lectures half hearted and not really ready to learn anything about the subject. This was because of my lack of interest in the whole area as i never really knew much about any of topics we had to choose from. One of my own problems is that i can be quite stubborn, and if i don’t enjoy something i probably won’t do it, or if i did it wouldn’t be too the best of my ability. This is what happened over my first year for constellation, and to be honest, quite a lot of my course content. Smells like teen spirit was different. It did actually change my opinion at the end and i really cannot stress more that i wish i had attended all the lectures. If i had attended the lessons, i can ensure you that my essay would of been done in more detail and not rushed. This is a good learning curve for me, teaching me that i should put in 100% at the start of very subject given to me. Once this starts to happen, i can then judge the subject area after i have attended the start of the projects. If i carry on the way i did for constellation through out my whole experience of university i will look back on myself when i am older and regret my whole experience of Cardiff Met.


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