4 Designers Conference

The 4 designers conference was a very inspirational day. I didn’t really know what to expect when we got to the conference as I haven’t heard about it before. Listening to what these 4 very successful designer had to say about their own practice gave me a very different perceptive to look at graphic design. Each speaker connected with me in very different ways, making me think back to my own work and how I would improve it. By attending this conference, it has opened my mind up to many different possibilities that I hope I can use.

Simon Manchipp was the first of the 4 to really make me think about developing an idea rather than changing an idea. He explained that making all ready produced work better would have more of an impact that starting something new. This has shown me that the world of graphic design is always changing and there is always something new to create as the design world never stops. From an audiences point of view, seeing what you already know in a better and more pleasing way sticks in your mind and makes you want the ‘new’ design piece.

What I thought was really good about his work was why he had chosen meerkats to use as an advertising market. As a professional designer, he told us that you have to think about cost as well as production. Using meerkats was a cheap way of publishing it onto google, saving the company money. Not only was a cheap way, but it is something that never been done before that would instantly stick in someones mind when they have seen the advertisement for the company. This is a good way for the audience you are targeting to understand and research more into. It gets people more interested. This is a good way of getting people to enjoy your work more, and have a very strong advertisement campaign. I have taken a lot of interest in this as I think it is a very effective way of design. I have done work like this before and will want to carry on creating more memorable work.

Jonathan Sands OBE was the other designer who really made me think about my work and how I can improve to make it better. What I took away from his talk was that the more work you produce as a young designer the easier and better it will come in the future. Going out and working for companies at a young age sets you up in the future for a better understanding of the graphic design world. By doing this practice you see professional designer in practice and the way they work as a team. At the minute I think I have one particular way that i work in that needs to be developed. Seeing people like Jonathan has made me want to go out and learn as an intern just to get a better understanding of what i need to know, and how I might need to use all the skills i have been getting thought.



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