Growth Spurt



This is two screenshots of our tumblr page that we had decided to use to present our work. It gives a good over very of the whole campaign which you are able to visually see what we have done.

You can visit this page at:

top screen shotbottom screenshot


Infra Graphics Poster

For an information poster we as a good decided to go with an infra-graphics poster as they are very visual but contain lots of important information you need to know. You are able to understand the poster very easily and process what we are saying quickly.

We did a lot of visual planning for this poster, working out what content we were going to included. We went for what we thought was the most useful to people reading it, and what they can easily understand what we are saying. This meant we had to give many ideas that needed development. We rarely went with an idea that we didn’t develop. Quick sketches and doodles helped me and Corey whilst designing the poster.

Layouts and ideas continuously changed up until the day for hand in as our develop never really stopped.

Here are two experimental sheets myself and Cory did whilst we were creating the infra graphics poster. We were trying to gather as many good ideas as possible, and trying to develop them to make them stronger ideas.



Infra-Graphics Poster


Growth Spurt App

Designing this app was the main involvement i had in this campaign. My job was to make an app people would be able to download and find out more information, that they possible might not know. It was purely for learning about GM crops and what you could possible do to avoid GM crops.

We decided to create an app because as most people have a smartphone and it is a quick and easy way to get people to learn about the topic. The app itself is mainly paragraphs of text informing you about genetical modified crops, with images of what GM crops look like in comparison to organically grown crops. I decided that it would be easier for people to recognised these sort of crops from pictures so they are able to make changes to their diet if they wanted to. This was because people generally don’t know if they are eat GM crops as it is a poorly labelled product.

App Format.jpg


We came up with many different possible characters to use as a logo. We wanted to do something simple that people could easily recognise and remember. To start we decided to use a memorable design such as this tomato or pear. We thought that is what different and that people would remember it for that. As the project went on, using a character design made use think that people wouldn’t understand our campaign from just the image and that it didn’t include our campaign name. This is when we decided to use typography to show what we were standing for. The end result was Growth Spurt, which readers are able to manipulate back to GM crops.


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