Film 4 Poster

Storytime Indesign Booklet finished.

When we took part in this particular project at the end of the first term, after we have studied the 4 weeks of type, I really enjoyed the project. Using Indesign to create the actual booklet was again a quite a challenge for me as i am still getting used to the software. Although this is something i need to learn more about, i am getting more confident with the techniques that i have learnt and i am able to apply them better in the work i produce.

By studying the 4 weeks of typography really helped me in creating this booklet. Without learning about that before we did this, i would not been confident on what should go into the booklet, how it should be displayed and what is easiest to read when thinking of layouts.

I find creating different layouts very interesting, learning about what looks best, what can be said from the layout and how it could possible be more interestingĀ for the reader. I had to consider all of these aspects when thinking about where to place text, and where to place images to make it look the best it could.

This was one of the layouts that i did before going on indesign. I wanted to have a clear plan of measurements so i new my page setup and where i could possibly place images and text.




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