When I got given the brief to this project I wasn’t very happy. I did not want to experiment with animation and I wasn’t very keen for it. This wasn’t particularly helped with the area we had to base the animation on, which was story time. This was because that is not my strong area of graphic design. I much prefer to use typography instead of image. I have learnt across the year that story time, and image making is very important and that I need to be aware of everything that I am able to use. With this at the back of my mind, I started to create my animation (admittedly with not much thought). This was one of my biggest regrets over the year as when I was actually making the animation I enjoyed myself and I could see myself doing something along them sort of lines.

With the actual animation, I carried on with the story Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, picking a scene that I wanted to take into the animation studio. I started of by quickly sketching the main elements that would go into the animation. This consisted of every possible idea that I thought of because I wanted to chose the most important parts to include. Along with this, I wrote out what was going to happen, when it was gong to happen and why it would. This was because I definitely wanted to short film to last the time limit we had. When I was thinking of how I was going to portray the message to the audience I decided think of more realistic ideas. This meant using objects that us as people could/are using. I thought of ideas such as chocolate bars, clothes, pipes and signs. With all this in mind I drew out my time line and began to enjoy myself.

This is a project that I definitely want to revisit and develop my ideas. I got some alright feedback at the end of the project with lots of areas that could be improved. As I had lots of fun making the animation, I want to be able to put much more effort in and come out with a much better outcome.


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