Type Specimen Poster.

The type specimen poster has been my favourite project that we have done since the start of uni. I really enjoy playing with layouts and composition, and trying to use the white space correctly to work with the given content. By having to use a lot of different techniques like alignments, using a grid system, the use of white or negative space, it gave use lots to think about when it came to putting the design of the poster together. The sketches that have been draw out for possible layouts helped in actually positioning specific bits of the context and what could possibly look appealing and what might not look so appealing. Looking at different possible layouts that I could use to make a poster helped as it gave me a sense of what a professional designer may possibly. They gave me lots of strong ideas that I took forward and developed my own. The one thing that I noticed was always common was the use of columns created on InDesign, and the use of white space to make it easier for the eye to read.

I came across many different challenges and problems when actually creating the poster I wanted. I wanted to have correct spacing between each block of text and images, to make the poster have a sense of balance. This was a difficult process that is very useful to know how to use. Also, using InDesign was a fairly new programme to me as I’ve only used it once before. This is a programme that I enjoyed using and need to research so I have a better understanding of how to use it for the future, as I am sure I am going to need to know. There are some mistakes on the final poster as I am quite intermediate which the programme but this can all be adjust if I was to revisit the poster. Some of the times that I tried to print, images wouldn’t be showing up, or text would be in the incorrect place. This was a problem I encountered which set me back as I had no idea what was going wrong. It is important to keep everything in 1 folder so this mistake wont happen again.

FINAL Design copy





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