Composition Poster

I enjoyed creating this project all about composition, starting by experimenting with possible ideas I was quite familiar with. I started off with the word difference, which meant I had to expand on ideas that could relate back to the word. I thought of many different ideas some being, opposition, change and alteration. With these ideas in mind I decided to start designing what could possibly go into my poster. Nature and growth were my main ideas, as it is changing everyday, creating a sense of ‘difference’. I wasn’t sure that the message by this would come across as difference. This meant that I had to make the piece of work more thought through and more meaningful. I thought by using roman numerals you would see this idea come through.

As I haven’t seen seen my piece of work that I created for a while, I looked back on it and decided I had probably approached the subject area the wrong way. in my opinion, more thought through research could have made my work to be more in depth and more understandable. Also, I think the development process could have been done better, thinking of more ideas that could have been designed. Once this could have been done, I would have been able to combine the string ideas from these images and produce and better and more thoughtful piece of work.


My intentions here were to use isolated colour to highlight a different and more unusual part of the tree, that would be the main focus of the piece of work.

Composition Poster.jpg



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