With trying to show a stronger visual language, I went into drawing the 5 rhino species. Keeping them simple, I started to look into line drawings, and how this could communicate a deeper meaning of the rhinos. From tracing images of all breeds of rhinos, it gave me a very unique shapes that I could work from. These contained more of a visual identity that could communicate in a way that I wanted.


Using the light box in the studio, I was able to see these rhinos deconstructed. It showed me serval layers, and what they looked like beneath each other.



Following creating a brand, I wanted to give the identity some more depth and meaning. This lead me into experimenting with layers, using stencils to see what depth I can create with the rhino shape. From this, I was able to understand that rhinos can be made up of layers and simple shapes, showing more depth into the species. I soon realised I can explore this, seeing how I am able to adopt the use of layers to communicate more of a visual language.



Following the creative brief, I started to have a look into the branding side of the project. This would become a main focus in the design element to my FMP. I will have to communicate with the target audiences to gain their interest in the rhino world. I started to think of what the possibilities could become from this project, thinking in such ways that it can become a successful campaign across platforms. With wanting to show a brand, and what it represents is an enjoyable process, coming up with ideas such as fundraising events, advertisements across a particular area and what I could achieve from this.


Development 1




Final Concept 1 Questions I asked myself…

Does it represent the message?

Is the message clear?

Answer. No. Too polished, doesn’t communicate clearly.